Gracia Work Center's Newsletter for June

Here is the latest Gracia Work Center newsletter
Here is the latest Gracia Work Center newsletter!  It includes a teaser and information about our documentary, “From San Francisco to Barcelona: Searching for the Origin of Coworking.”  The documentary analyzes and investigates the origin of Coworking, its new forms and its impact on current socio economic models.  There are also details about the next Coworking course which is Thursday, June 27th.  It will go in depth about the origin, evolution and benefits of Coworking.  We also have 2 free desks available, with the second being 50% off!  Finally, the 4th annual Coworking Europe Conference will be held in our very own home, Barcelona.  It is November 11-13th and will include 50 speakers who will give their thoughts on Coworking and its bright future.


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