Having Fun in the Workplace

Bernie De Koven is a fun theorist who studies…well you guessed it…having fun.  De Koven especially illustrates the importance of play for adults and why we need to give ourselves permission to play.  The benefits of playing can be obvious: you’re simply healthier and happier when you play.  But playing also alludes to the fact that you are at your best when you are engaged within your work.  This brings us to a revolutionary idea: how do we bring play to the work environment? 

De Koven believes that work really is fun and that attempts to make work fun kind of doesn’t work because they deny the fun that is part of the work experience.  So ideally what has to happen is to not make work fun but let work be fun.  For example, when you have a meeting where everyone is engaged, that’s really fun.  When you have a group that acknowledges your thoughts and is able to provide helpful opinions, that’s a fun experience as well.  All of these contribute to a good workplace, which is the central idea of coworking.  In a coworking center, focus is put on the relationships with fellow coworkers.  Especially at Gracia Work Center, we put heavy emphasis on creating synergies and connections that allows one to be engaged and successful in their work. 


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