Digital Expertise and the New Digital Environment

Have you ever thought about how your job may not have existed 10 years ago? Well that is the case with careers in digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile phone application design and web development. Further, the jobs and skills most in demand in 2010 did not exist 6 years prior.

These facts give me, a young college student about to enter the real world, hope for my future. My class are graduating into a working environment where diplomas and titles mean nothing without the ability to create, innovate and invent.

I also feel like an innovator since having initially met my partner in the online community of Tumblr. I am that 1/5 statistic of people who have met their partners on the Internet.

And Wikipedia? That life saver of college students across the world would be more than 22 million pages if ever made into a physical book. Guaranteed no one would be using that anymore.

Jokes aside, this information is presented (in the video below) along with the fact that adaptation is crucial and what makes companies successful in both long and short term.

The video is in Spanish which may be fine for some but for those non-Spanish speakers, here a few key notes I took from the video and my thoughts on them. 

It stated that a business needs a certain group of people from the start: 
  • Individuals for specific tasks during a determined work period
  • A market analyst, environment analyst and competency analyst
  • A designer to create the incorporation's image
  • A web programmer to create the website
  • A marketing expert to launch the organization's brand
  • A SEO expert to define social media strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing professional for promoting the company
All of these parts come together to form a cohesive and functioning group that will foster productivity and innovation. These specific duties should not be the responsibility of one person. In order for each individual to specialize and excel at only one thing, tasks should be assigned accordingly. 

The work of the future can be many things and anyone can predict what careers will disappear or endure. However, the video believes that the work of the future is:
  • based on talent
  • changing
  • constantly "on"
  • competitive
  • transparent
The aspect of competition is important because not only will people be competing for a job with those in their area, they will be competing within a global job market. 

Transparency can be summed up with the phrase "What happens in Vegas will be seen on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, etc." Nothing is private anymore, whether intentional or not. Content exists online forever. 

How can you adapt in order to be better equipped for this new digital environment? Demonstrate talent, have an open mind, become efficient at multi-tasking and practice cross-cultural competence. 

There are no excuses to fall behind and be in the dark when it comes to social media and its benefits. It already is absorbed into every aspect of our lives so just imagine how it will be utilized in the next 10 years. 



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