Hola a todos de la nueva estudiante en prácticas

As a brief introduction, my name is Ashley Cummings and I am a student at University of Illinois at Chicago. In the fall, I will be starting my senior year as a communication student with a Spanish minor.

I have been studying the language since approximately age 13 but am still perfecting the speaking aspect- I would much rather listen to or write in Spanish than be forced to speak it. However, I am very excited for this challenge of working in a Spanish space with those who either are natives or foreigners like myself.

I chose this internship opportunity in Barcelona with Gracia Work Center because it is the best fit for my area of expertise and corresponds well to my university studies.

In the planning stages of my study abroad opportunity, I had wanted to go to Argentina because Spain is usually where all college students choose to study for a semester. But, while browsing through the IES website, I found the summer internship option and was very impressed. I knew it would benefit me and future academic/career goals the most. Plus who   wouldn´t want to ¨pretend¨ work in Barcelona for two months? I could not pass it up.

Barcelona has so far been a very beautiful atmosphere and I am slowly getting accustomed to the pace of life, as it is much more relaxed than that in the U.S. and especially Chicago. The contrast is enormous!

Something similar to what I know is the many different barrios, or neighborhoods, of Spain. You can walk for just five or ten minutes and be in a new area, much like how Chicago is designed. I have enjoyed seeing the differences and similarities between each area but I would never be able to choose just one if I ever wanted to live here. I want to live in them all!

By the end of this brief internship, I hope to have improved my Spanish speaking ability along with other skills, such as maintaining social media websites, promoting a company online, writing blog posts, designing and creating media for marketing purposes, video editing and more.



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