New additions to the Gracia Work Center coworking team

This summer, we will have TWO interns in our coworking space so join me in welcoming them. From Maryland, we have Blake Morgan-Gamber (Videos Empresa) and from Illinois, Ashley Cummings (Gracia Work Center)! 

Blake will be involved in developing a Web Doc through Wordpress under the direction of Gregorio Alonso. Ashley will be responsible for promoting Gracia Work Center through Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and blog posts. In addition, she will be putting together a brochure for GWC's Working and Living campaign with guidance from Cristina Martinez-Sandoval. 

By the end of the term, both students will create a brief but informative video, of footage and photos, showcasing not only their time in Barcelona but also their time at Gracia Work Center.

Because both are fairly new to the concept of our office space, here is a relevant forecast on the upcoming future of coworking:


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