Gracia Work Center has an exciting new venture we would like to announce and explain. You may have heard about it already but it's called Work&Live. This program provides living accommodations and desk space at one of the Gracia neighborhood's coworking spaces. This way,  anyone who is interested in coworking in Barcelona can experience Spanish life on a month-to-month basis.

Now that the working aspect has been explained, the living accommodations are provided in some of Barcelona's most central locations, all within 25 minutes or less by public transit to our coworking centers. You have the option of living solo or with suite mates in top quality, clean and fully furnished spaces. The choice is yours!

Services we offer for this program are airport pickups, a district tour of Gracia, Spanish language courses, other activities by request such as food tastings and most importantly, city living and your very own desk space in one of our centers.

Our most basic price is 800 €/month which includes all of our offered services and a shared residence. For 990 €/month, we provide a standard residence. Lastly, for 1.250 €/month, we provide you with a top quality apartment. All residences are located in the city center and are made to fit your modern needs.

For more information: and check out this video with great footage of Barcelona that is sure to inspire you!


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