New Interns join the Gracia Work Center coworking team!

Please join us in welcoming our three new Fall 2014 interns: Halee Sexton, Adrienne Nel, and Kassie Polovick. All three interns travelled from the United States to Barcelona, and arrived in Spain on September 1st.

Halee, joining us from Washington, will be working alongside the coworkers of Videos Empresa. She attends Western Washington University and is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Spanish. Halee will be responsible for the maintenance of social networking platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. Additionally, she will be working under guidance of Cristina Martinez-Sandoval to complete tasks for various clients of Videos Empresa.

From Columbia University in New York, we have Adrienne. She is majoring in Art History. Working under Eme Alonso of Artnobel, Adrienne will research companies in America that sell artists' work, and she will blog about new Spanish and Latin American artists. In addition to this, she will be working with new artists to set up exhibitions for their work in Spain.

Kassie is joining us from California, where she attends the University of Redlands. She is majoring in Business Administration and Visual Media Studies. With the guidance of Cristina Martinez-Sandoval, Kassie will be maintaining the social network platforms of Gracia Work Center. This involves keeping the public updated on the current promotions and projects of the coworking center.

Keep an eye out for more posts from our interns. They will be sharing their experiences with exploring and interning in Barcelona!


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