What does coworking mean to our interns?

Good morning from Gracia Work Center! This week I wanted to share a post regarding both my own and the other interns' perspectives on coworking. We have been interning here at the Gracia Work Center for a little over a month and have had decent exposure to coworking, so we would love to share our thoughts!.

Adrienne Nel
Intern at Artnobel
"Coworking is a creative way to combine resources and build a sense of community in the world of business."

Halee Sexton
Intern at Videos Empresa
"It is an economically and environmentally friendly way of doing business and exchanging ideas with people you normally would not have known."

Kassie Polovick
"Coworking establishes a sense of unity within the business community while stimulating a collaborative and creative working environment amongst working professionals."


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