Internship Experience at Gracia Work Center

Working here at Gracia Work Center has given me the opportunity to be exposed to the Spanish working culture. Having interned at several other companies, particularly in the United States, I realized the working culture in Spain differs than that of my home country. For example, the pace of work is much more leisurely and protracted. The pace of work in the United States, from my experience, is more demanding and hurried. I believe this reflects the Spanish lifestyle and values in regards to time. So far, it has been a nice break from the work styles in the US. Spanish working culture is a breath of fresh air!

In addition to learning more about the differences in working cultures, I have had the opportunity to improve my professional working skills in research, design and marketing. Gracia Work Center has provided me with a place to flourish professionally while having fun with my new colleagues. I only have about a month left in Barcelona, and I could not be happier with my decision to intern here at Gracia Work Center!


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