My Final Week at Gracia Work Center

It feels bittersweet to accept that this is my final week interning at Gracia Work Center. I am saddened that I will soon be leaving my coworking friends, but I am overwhelmed with appreciation for the memories I have made.

On my first day, I was nervous and not sure what to expect. When I was quickly asked for my input on a video some of the others were working on, I was unconfident in voicing my opinions. I did not know what my job entailed… all I knew was that as a young intern, I was sitting low on the totem poll.

I could not have been more wrong.

An internship at Gracia Work Center gives you an opportunity to learn and grow as an equal. Every coworker has treated me with endless respect and kindness. Cristina proved her confidence in me as a mentor by providing challenging projects and valuable learning opportunities. She often included me in her own work, asking for my input, ultimately allowing me to gain confidence in my own capabilities.

Above all, I feel that I have gained a family in Barcelona. From exploring la Costa Brava to sharing tapas on rooftop bars, I have been taken in like family and included in many thoughtful adventures. We have shared enough laughs to last a lifetime.

While I will be saying my goodbyes this week, I will take solace in knowing that this is only goodbye for now. I will be back to Barcelona one day. How could I possibly abandon the city that has stolen my heart? Hasta luego, Barcelona.

After Hiking Up Montserrat in Catalunya


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