Barcelona: the ideal city for freelancers and startups

After one month here, I’m more and more sure that Barcelona is one of the best place to live and work as a freelancer and for a internship in the brand new world of startup. Despite economical crisis that concerns the South of Europe especially, Barcelona presents countless qualities. At first, Barcelona is idyllic for its Mediterranean weather and its various topographic shape: almost always sunny, the colorful and clean city is surrounded by sandy beaches and green mountains. Afterward, Barcelona is extremely rich in the matter of culture, art and tradition. Here it seems to co-exist two different spirits, on the one hand a strong cultural identity, on the other an incredible openness to other cultures, to other, new ways of thinking. Barcelona is indeed not only open to expats from all over the world, but also to new ideas, to innovation.
As regards freelancers and startups in particular, Barcelona is for example the city with the largest number of coworking spaces (a new way to conceive work) in Spain. Furthermore, those spaces are concentrated in Barrio de Gracia above all, the most bohemian/arty/hipster district of the city, where you can find Gracia Work Center too.
Moreover, several are the events organized in every period of the year that could sustain a freelance job: we think about the innumerable different meetings for startups on Meetup, the two days happening of BizBarcelona, a unique occasion to get advice from experts and develop their networking, and lots of other occurrences that you can find on the page Job Fluent.
That’s why Barcelona is ideal for a freelancers: in addition to a very good quality of life, they can find here a great support to their work too.



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