One day at Barcelona Startup Week

From the 27th of September to the 2nd of October in different spots of the city took place for the first time the event Barcelona Startup Week. For 5 days an international public, formed by young entrepreneurs and people intentioned to launch a business especially, has attended to a cycle of conferences on different subjects, all related to the world of Startup. Jordi Boza, coordinator of the event and CEO of the startup Remote Eye, reunited experts on finance, business, marketing to dispense advice and startups entrepreneurs to talk about their experience.
On Friday I attended to five interesting conferences. I listened to Sebastian Ross, professor and businessman, talking about the importance of crowdfunding for a good startup operation; two entrepreneurs telling their experience: Alex Bisbe, Co-Founder and CEO of the program Whisbi, and Veronica Torres, creator of the android app BWOM; Javier Casares showing the correct use of social networks; and, at last, Oriol Jara, director of the TV program Minoria Absoluta, with his funny speech on new tendencies of mass medias.

I find every session very remarkable. I believe that an event as this one (moreover, completely free) could be really convenient to people that are entering this field. It was an opportunity not only to collect suggestions from experts, but also to meet members of the same community, create a network of contacts and reflect about this new entrepreneurial world. 


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