November in Barcelona: events, festivals, expositions

November is one of the quiets months of the year everywhere, but obviously not in Barcelona. If you come here now, you will certainly not get bored. In this period Barcelona offers a lot of events.
November in Barcelona begins with castanyes (roasted chestnuts), panellets (small treats of almond paste) and moniatos (roasted sweet potatoes). We are talking about Castanyada, the traditional Catalan celebration of All Saints’ Day, during which it’s common to consume those kind of delicacies.
Two interesting festivals, started in October, use to end at the beginning of November: the first one is Sâlmon dance festival, a two-week dance festivals that proposes performances of international artists against the current, and In-EditBeefeater Festival, a music documentary festival.
Furthermore, one of the most important jazz festival in Europe carry on this month, the FestivalInternacional de Jazz de Barcelona, hosting famous players and singer from all over the world.

Then, from 16 to 22 it will be organized L’Alternativa film festival, the independent cinema festival of Barcelona, that reaches its 22nd edition. The competition is devided in two sections, Short Films and Feature Films, and during the event it is possible to attend to interesting workshops too.
Finally, if you are interested in art, you can spend your weekends visiting some remarkable expositions, like +Humans,  Tàpies: AnArtist's Collection, Espècies d'espais, Miró i l'objecte,
Revers / Anvers (1972-2015) and Italia, i sei sensi.
So, don’t wait more and come to take advantage of this amazing autumn in Barcelona


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