Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Have you already think about Christmas presents to your friends and family? It’s sure that in Barcelona in this period can be easy to find something original for everyone. Since the beginning of December you can find a nice Christmas market at every corner of the city.
At first, you can have a look the 12th or the 13th of this month to El Festivalet, an independent fair of handmade products, at Raval. Here you will know around 70 artisans and drawers, you can find materials, publications and a space of partners, where you can know about the latest innovations of the sector. To carry on with your shopping of handmade products, the 12th you can pop in to Fantastic Handmade Market at Universitat, the market of Etsy creators, or to La Fàbrica singular, en Gracia, specialized in cloths and accessories. Furthermore, small creators exhibit their works also at ChicPlacey Time Out Barcelona Christmas Market at Casa Rec and at El Zapato Rojo, in Ciutat Vella.

If you are interested in fashion and design, or someone of your friends and your family is, don’t miss Changing Room Frío, where fashion designers presents their collections in 32 rooms of the hotel Chic and Basic in Borne district, and Design Market, at Les Glòries.
Moreover, the list of art and illustration market it’s far to be short. Barcelona offers indeed Mercado de Arte, Mercado de Navidad del libro, The Six and Four, Mercatd'Il·lustració Aplicada, Dress Your Wall, DelicARTessen, Xmas Art Market, Arte & Venta and Hipermerc'art.
Then, until Christmas, opposite the cathedral, it is possible to find a nice traditional Christmas market, for your decorations, full of different tiones de nadal and original crib figurines.
Finally, in Barcelona could not miss a Christmas version of a second hand/vintage market, the funny Lost&Found Market. There is something to suit all tastes: music, toys, decorations, books, comics and much more, all low-priced.

So now not only you have the opportunity to amaze your friends with unique and exceptional presents, but also you know how to spend in a funny way the days before Christmas. 


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