Coworking: today and tomorrow

According to the latest results published on Deskmag and disclosed at the Coworking Europe in Milan, the number of coworking spaces has increased this years by 36%. There are now 7.800 coworking spaces in the world and about half a million of coworkers.
The conference was an opportunity to take stock of the situation of coworking today and reflect on the directions it could take in the future.
One of the topics touched was the influence of coworking not only on work, but also on daily life. Coworking spaces are for exemple reshaping London by building a community open to diversity and to discussion about communal questions. Furthermore, the phenomenon of the co-living is gaining foothold. We can consider the case of Hotel Shani Wien in Vienna, an hotel with a coworking space, perfect for nomad freelancers.

During the conference they discuss also about how coworking can help people who need the most today. Two African work centers presented their idea: an initiative to support refugees. Their plan is to build a space on the Greek island of Lesvos, where refugees, locals, internationals, investors and organizations can cowork to find solutions.
About the future of coworking, they focalized on the expansion of coworking in Africa: in July took place the first Coworking Africa Conference showing that the concept of work is chancing all around the world.

After this interesting meeting the hope is that the coworking movement will not slow down to increase and more and more people carry on joining this different and new world.  


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