Goodbye Gracia Work Center!

My experience in Barcelona and in Gracia Work Center is sadly finishing. That is my last day of internship.
I still remember my first days here. I was so happy to have the chance to live in a such amazing city, a city that I’ve always loved, since the first time I visited it, ten years ago. For the first two months, I felt like crying for joy each time I walked close to Casa Battló, Pedrera or Sagrada Familla. I was very glad too to have at the same time the opportunity to have access to the new and inspiring universe of coworking.
The first period was the most difficult too: coming from an humanistic context, I soon realized that my computer knowledge was really limited. I didn’t know programs, I felt slow, I had the sensation to be incapable to do anything. Over time I saw that dealing with my tasks was easier and easier, more and more automatic and amusing too.

I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity. I learnt how to use useful programs for almost every kind of job today, to solve practical problems alone, I improvised design skills thanks to incredible programs as Canva, GoAnimate, PicMonkey, Pixlr Editor. Furthermore, I had the privilege to have a look to a new and revolutionary working panorama, made of coworking spaces, freelancers and startups. During those months I have certainly grown up and I have just to say sincerely : thank you Gracia Work Center!   


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